Meet Yuri and Sven

Meet Yuri and Sven

Yuri Zublioli

Yuri Zublioli

Celebrity Pastry Chef

Celebrity Pastry Chef

Brown Hair

Whiskey brown eyes.

Adopted by Siene and Peiro Zublioli

Sven calls her Angel

Be sure to read all about her 2 Nights with the sexy Sven Anders.

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Sven Anders

Sven Anders

Photo Journalist

Sven Anders

Photo Journalist

Blonde Hair, blue eyes, and a man bun.

Yuri calls him Poseidon and thinks his voice sounds like melted dark chocolate and marshmallows. You’re invited to spend to 2 nights with Sven Anders

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Excerpts from 2 Nights With You

Excerpt: Naima by Olivia Gaines

Excerpt Two Nights With You: Naima

By Olivia Gaines


Midway through her second boiled egg, breakfast was interrupted by a blond woman sporting a too small bikini which made her assets look like two overripe melons covered by a strip of toilet paper. They bounced as she ran over to the table on her tip toes in high heeled red sandals, too much lipstick and matted weaved in her hair. The sarong which clung to her fat injected ass barely covered the thong bikini bottom as she stopped in front of their table, doing a happy girl spin showing DJ all she had to offer.

“Oh hell no,” Naima said, standing up.

Derrick’s eyes were wide as he watched Naima plant her feet, put her hands on her hips and stand between him and what he knew to be a fan.

“Stop right there,” Naima said. “You see this man dining with me, yet you will be so bold as to interrupt our meal to attempt to lure him into whatever sordid idea has entered your empty head. What is it you want?”

The blond woman opened her mouth to reveal a row of small white teeth. “I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect. I am such a fan. I only wanted a picture with him.”

“Where is your phone?” Naima asked.

To her shock, the woman stepped around her, rubbed her large breast going down the side of her body. “I seem to have nowhere to put one in this suit,” she said winking at Derrick.
Naima reached back onto the table, picked up the remainder of her drink and dashed into the woman’s face.

“Back up chick,” she said. “No disrespect my ass. You are going to mess around and have me snatch that raggedy weave right out of your head. That is my man, so bounce your fake titties back where you came from and spread the word. He is off limits and mine.”
The woman stood there in shock, her mouth open, covered in Naima’s margarita, which pissed her off more than the woman treating her as if she were replaceable when and if Derrick got bored.

“Why are you still standing here? Be gone,” Naima said, sitting back down. Picking up the butter knife, she looked at the woman, daring her to make a move. Turning in the ridiculously red high heels, she and her fake boodie, bounced away.

“Damn. Now my drink is gone. Wasted,” she said with a frown as she cut into the egg.
Derrick only watched her, not sure what just happened. Naima sat eating her breakfast as if nothing unusual had occurred.

He cleared his throat.

“What?” She asked, biting into her toast.

“You don’t have any act right in you, do you?”

“Nope. I do possess a very large ass check book and I can buy some when the need arises,” she said with a wink.

Derrick chuckled at the freshness of her attitude.

Very different.

“Thank you for that intervention. I became a bit of a recluse because of those types of encounters with women who immediately think I am some sort of sex machine always on the ready,” he said, looking at her.

“Aww man! You are not always on the ready? There goes my weekend plans,” she said with a twist of her lip.

He found himself smiling.



Excerpt Yuri by JK Rivers

Excerpt YURI by JK Rivers


After checking into their room, Yuri unpacked her toiletries. There was a window in her shower, and on the other side of the open window was another window. Her neighbors were showering and enjoying themselves by the sound of the woman’s moans.

“Looks like we’re not the only ones who thought a shower would be a good idea.” Sven chuckled, turning Yuri to face him. “I’d kiss you, but we both have airplane smell on us. I’ll start the water. Grab the towels and meet me inside.”

“Yup, on it.”

Sven and Yuri’s shower lasted longer than their neighbors’, and they may have been louder. All of it magnificent—from Sven washing her hair to washing her. She returned the favor, but after he turned her body, pressed her front to the cold tile wall, and worshiped her body with his own.

Sated and clean, they collapsed on the bed in a tangle of limbs.

“I think we should stay in bed,” Yuri suggested. “Get room service, make love all day. I don’t have anywhere to be until tomorrow.”

“You’re trying to kill me. Or, at least, wound me.” Sven grunted, a grin on his lips as he rubbed circles on her stomach with his hand.

“Nah, but you’d look good with a limp.”

They both laughed.

“Get dressed. I’ll feed you. We’re up on the mountain in the next hour.”

“Bossy.” Yuri smirked, getting up from the bed.

“You like it.” Sven winked before standing and pulling on a pair of shorts and a cotton tee.” Yuri looked in her bag and pulled out a colorful jumper with tropical flowers. She tossed on brown wedge sandals and made sure to wash her face and brush her teeth. Sven watched her through the mirror, and she smiled back at him as she set about putting lotion on her arms and legs.

“What is it?” she asked him.

“Angel, put on some tennis shoes.”

“Why for?”

Sven crossed his arms, his shirt shifting with his muscled arms.

“Trust me, the shoes work. I hope I can convince you to wear them and nothing else to bed, but honestly, your feet will be sore from all the walking. Trust me.”

Yuri toed off her shoes and pulled on a pair of tennis shoes.

“I look ridiculous.”

Sven tossed his head back and roared with laughter. He had a great laugh, but not when aimed at her. “Stop laughing, Sven.”

“I can’t help it. You’re adorable.” Sven crossed their small room to stand in front of Yuri. “The shoes are fine. You’re fine. Food first, and then Sugarloaf. Don’t be a sourpuss.”

“Don’t make me get ugly, Sven,” Yuri warned.

“Impossible, you could never be ugly. Inside or out. Your beautiful glow knows no bounds, Yuri. It’s one of the reasons I love you. People can’t help but gravitate toward you. They get just a hint of your light, and they come from miles around just to be near it.”

“Well, light or not, I can get pretty ugly when pushed into a corner.”

Sven cracked a grin again, his eyes crinkling at the corners. He gripped her face in both hands, his eyes peering into hers. She didn’t know what he was searching for, but he obviously looked for something. The longer they stood there staring, the more his face changed. She hadn’t seen the darkness behind his eyes for days. She’d thought it a figment of her imagination. Wrote it off as her own personal issues rising to put a stop to her happiness. But then it appeared again. As he held her, as he searched for answers, she saw it, peeking out from behind the current of blue.

“There she is,” he whispered moments later, the darkness firmly tucked away. “My beautiful angel, and her brightly shining light. You can pull any man from the darkest of places and bring him back to life.”

“How would you know?”

“Because it’s what you’re doing for me. I shouldn’t want you. Hell, I’m fucked up, and I know you know it; you just haven’t brought it up yet. But that’s okay. We’ll talk about my shit when the time is right. We’ll talk about yours, too. But for now, we’re in Brazil. A city that I love, with a woman that I love, and I plan to make the most of it.”


© 2017 JK Rivers

Excerpt: Leah by Tiana Laveen

Excerpt from, ‘Leah’, written by Tiana Laveen – featured in the anthology, “2 Nights with You” with stories by Olivia Gaines, J.K. Rivers and Tiana Laveen.


“You see that?” He took a gulp from his bottle of water and thrust his forearm dangerously close to her face as he pointed to a large pinnacle. “That’s the top of Mount Tohivea.”

“Oh wow … this is so amazing.” As she took in the sights, he leaned over and placed a soft kiss against her cheek. She turned towards him and trailed her fingertips along his chin. He responded with the most beautiful smile, and by whispering in her ear words she’d never heard before.

“¿Te estás disfrutando?”

“Excuse me?”

He burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, my bad. I just asked if you were havin’ a good time?”

“Oh, yes, very much so.”

“Good.” He squeezed her hand and stretched his legs while they enjoyed their tour.

Their rough ride came to an end and they were off to another adventure. Soon, Leah found herself giggling uncontrollably at the Pineapple Plantation as she tasted samples of succulent fruit. The laughter she couldn’t corral wasn’t because her drink had been spiked. No, it was just due to the fact that the man kept saying the silliest of things, making her crack up at all the wrong times.

Caesar wrapped his arms around her, uncaring that they were surrounded by a swarm of roving tourists. He leaned in to her ear. “That pineapple couldn’t be as sweet as you…” he whispered.

“Oh, really?” She smirked, trying desperately to keep from cheesing super hard in the man’s face.

“You gotta give me some more of that good-good tonight, baby. I wanna taste and swallow that juice so bad…”

She tried her best to stay serious, or at least to keep the little floral-printed paper cup in her grasp as her nerves made themselves known, but he squeezed her so close in his strong arms, and he smelled so damn good.

He kissed the top of her head and kept on holding her in a tight, yet loving embrace. She never wanted this moment to end … the way she felt in his loving arms. It was almost as if right then nothing in the world could harm her; she could do anything she set her mind to, and she’d have a man to back her up and uplift her, support her.

She was entertaining fairytales, of course, but it was nice to consider all the same. Caesar didn’t offer another word, no more sexual innuendos or intimate proposals. She felt so secure as she listened to his heartbeat with her head against his chest. She needed what he was giving, just the way he served it. It didn’t matter how long he remained in her life, be it two seconds, two nights, or longer; it only mattered that he was there with her at that moment. They existed together, right here, right now.

It doesn’t matter if nothing more becomes of me and him; I realize that now. I’ve transcended that line of thinking. It’s not childish or immature to have a wild, sensual time at least once in my life. Just enjoy the experience. Not everything has to have a rulebook. It’s a part of life, a part of MY life, delivered in my time of need. I’m getting what I want: good conversation, male companionship, affection, attention, comfort, plentiful laughs … and he knows it. He makes me feel sexy, desired, like he cares about what I say and how I feel. Two days of that is better than none at all…

She looked up at him, catching his eye. He smiled at her.


“Yes, baby?”

“Thank you for this. You’re one hell of a man…”

2 Nights With You

Three dynamic authors, three dynamite novels.

College friends, Leah, Naima, & Yuri reunite for a fun filled weekend in Tahiti. The ladies check into an exclusive luxury resort as three beautifully crafted stories begin by taking the reader on a two-night, romantic adventure.

Artfully woven romances bloom in a tropical paradise backdropped against a picturesque setting kicking off a personal transformation of all three women, with new men, new challenges, and loads of love.

Come enjoy their weekend by reading Two Nights with You.


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Meet Yuri Zublioli

Yuri Zublioli

Yuri Zublioli

Pastry Chef

Yuri Zublioli

Age 33


Graduated top of her class from the Culinary Institue of America before studying abroad with some of the world’s famous pastry chefs. Her specialties are chocolate and cake. It’s rumored she baked a cake for the Obama’s but she’s yet to confirm or deny. Speaks four languages.

English~Italian~French~Spanish (currently learning Dutch)

Lives alone but wants a puppy.

Join Yuri this week as she shares some of her favorite recipes on Instagram @authorjkrivers


Top 5 Places to eat in Tahiti

Top 5 Places to eat in Tahiti

We all have a love for food right? My character, Yuri is no different. Well, okay, she's a little different because she's a celebrity pastry chef. By nature and talent alone, she'd comb the beaches to find the best restaurants to sample. But I'll gift you all with the top 5 choice places to dine in while vacationing in Tahiti. 

1.The Lotus Resturant: Serves French, Seafood, and European cuisine. Located in Faa'a. A stunning overwater gourmet restaurant. It boasts colorful dishes and a beautiful seascape. Come and eat on the oceans at the Lotus!  

2.Creperie la Boule Rouge Severs French Polynesia, Seafood, European food also in Faa'a. They are supposed to have some of the best crepes ever! 

3. Le Souffle  French and European Cusine... Are you starting to see a trend French and European is the popular choice? I for one, love French cuisine! Parle Vous Francais? 

4. Chocolatine is a desert bar in Punaauia. And of course, from the name, you guessed it! CHOCOLATE! 

2 Nights With You

Three dynamic authors, three dynamite novels.

College friends, Leah, Naima, & Yuri reunite for a fun filled weekend in Tahiti. The ladies check into an exclusive luxury resort as three beautifully crafted stories begin by taking the reader on a two-night, romantic adventure.

Artfully woven romances bloom in a tropical paradise backdropped against a picturesque setting kicking off a personal transformation of all three women, with new men, new challenges, and loads of love.

Come enjoy their weekend by reading Two Nights with You.

5. Rudy's Fine Steak & Seafood. This is where Sven and Yuri go for dinner on their first night on the island. And she actually makes him what she deems is the sound of his voice. Yes, that's right the sound of his voice! The recipe is quite simple and very delish! It's melted dark chocolate drizzled over marshmallows. That is what Sven's voice sounds like to Yuri. 

Come and spend 2 Nights with us! Grab your copy now! It will only be .99 cents for a limited time! You get three beautiful novels for one low price!