We all have a love for food right? My character, Yuri is no different. Well, okay, she's a little different because she's a celebrity pastry chef. By nature and talent alone, she'd comb the beaches to find the best restaurants to sample. But I'll gift you all with the top 5 choice places to dine in while vacationing in Tahiti. 

1.The Lotus Resturant: Serves French, Seafood, and European cuisine. Located in Faa'a. A stunning overwater gourmet restaurant. It boasts colorful dishes and a beautiful seascape. Come and eat on the oceans at the Lotus!  

2.Creperie la Boule Rouge Severs French Polynesia, Seafood, European food also in Faa'a. They are supposed to have some of the best crepes ever! 

3. Le Souffle  French and European Cusine... Are you starting to see a trend French and European is the popular choice? I for one, love French cuisine! Parle Vous Francais? 

4. Chocolatine is a desert bar in Punaauia. And of course, from the name, you guessed it! CHOCOLATE! 

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5. Rudy's Fine Steak & Seafood. This is where Sven and Yuri go for dinner on their first night on the island. And she actually makes him what she deems is the sound of his voice. Yes, that's right the sound of his voice! The recipe is quite simple and very delish! It's melted dark chocolate drizzled over marshmallows. That is what Sven's voice sounds like to Yuri. 

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